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Cracked Mud

Chapter 9

Disaster Risks & Climate Change


SSF Guidelines: Disaster Risks & Climate Change

An animated video by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations illustrates climate change's impacts on small-scale fisheries – and what can be done. One of the goals of the SSF Guidelines is to call on states and other actors to take urgent and ambitious action to mitigate disaster risks and climate change impacting small-scale fisheries.


Community-based Protest Against Construction Projects

Dr. Melissa Teo and Dr. Martin Loosemore use a storytelling approach to explore social forces that shape and sustain community-based protests against construction projects. Their study focuses on the positive internalization of collective values and identity to shape change.

Managing Community Wellbeing in the Face of Climate Change

Dr. Laura Nelson and colleagues examine how a group of individuals in fisheries management prioritize components of wellbeing that may be important to coastal communities in the California Current social-ecological system (SES), where fishing is part of the culture and an important livelihood.

The Impact of Shrimp Farming on Mangrove Ecosystems

Dr. Elizabeth Ashton explores the conversion of mangroves to shrimp farms as it degrades small-scale fishing communities' resilience in the face of climate change with the loss of important ecological and socio-economic functions of mangrove ecosystems.

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