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Talleres Somos Ríos 2022
Inland Pilot: The SSF Guidelines Curriculum

Marañón River - Tupén Grande

Welcome to the Marañón, the main tributary of the Amazon River! Coast 2 Coast educators river rafted down one of the Andes' most remote canons to offer workshops from the SSF Guidelines Curriculum to local students from an inland fishing community along the Marañón. Young learners and educators share their experience painting murals and creating their own photo series as projects co-created with educators through the SSF Guidelines Curriculum.


Oxapampa - Santo Domingo and Pan de Azúcar

Welcome to Palcazu, deep within the Amazon rainforest! Coast 2 Coast collaborated with the Yanesha indigenous peoples who live alongside the rivers weaving through the Peruvian jungle. Community elders co-produced workshops piloting the SSF Guidelines Curriculum's activities for young learners exploring their rights and rivers in the context of sustainable development (and what "sustainable development" means to them). 


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