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Feedback on the SSF Guidelines Curriculum's 1st Edition

Small-scale fisheries (SSF) are incredibly diverse, and every SSF community is inherently different, yet all depend on marine or freshwater aquatic systems for their social-ecological well-being. The curriculum strives to be open enough for any educator from any SSF community to implement lesson plans and enrichment activities with a group of young learners, filling gaps with details to match the local context. Moreover, the curriculum tries to present the main themes of the SSF Guidelines in an easy-to-understand format ready for discussion. The team recognizes the challenges in accomplishing these two goals. Therefore, this curriculum is a minimum viable product we hope to build upon and co-create with a larger audience. Your opinion and ideas matter to us, and we've created this form below to gather feedback we can use to improve this learning tool for future editions.

Are you reviewing the curriculum to use it (i.e. facilitation with a group of learners, inform another educational program, etc.)?
How well do you think the curriculum demystifies the SSF Guidelines? Are the guidelines more understable or approachable?
Not at AllNot WellFineVery Well Excellently
How well do the lesson plans or enrichment activities identify with the experiences or reality of the SSF communities you work with or research?
Not at AllNot WellFineVery Well Excellently
Which chapter's lesson plans or enrichment activities did you review? You can select more than one.
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Feel free to submit your feedback as a separate document:

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Feel free to reach out and connect with the curriculum development team! We will do our best to reply promptly.

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