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All Hands In

Chapter 13

Implementation Support & Monitoring

Excerpt: "Emergent Strategies" - adriene maree brown

An excerpt from the Laura Flanders Show on adrienne maree brown's, 'Emergent Strategy,' a way of looking for connections between the human and natural worlds as a means of building, even as we dismantle. It's a strategy we need.



Youth Activist Toolkit

Advocates for Youth, in partnership with Level Forward, co-created the Youth Activist Toolkit with youth writers and activists to be a detailed guide to help young people develop a plan, organize a coalition, and define and implement strategies to achieve measurable social impact goals.

Dr. John Kurien's publication describes a small international initiative to examine how local communities can undertake the tasks of monitoring the implementation of the SSF Guidelines in an effort toward the democratization of international human rights instruments.


Emergent Strategy: Organizing for Social Justice

Forte Labs provides a summary and interpretation of adriene maree brown's book, Emergent Strategy. Forte Labs founder, Tiago Forte, paraphrases in his own words and incorporates some of his experiences and learnings from the world of productivity and effectiveness. 

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