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Chapter 5

Governance of Tenure in Small-Scale Fisheries & Resource Management

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Ch5 Videos


SSF Guidelines: Governance of tenure and resource management

This short, animated video by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations gives insights into the governance of tenure and resource management in small-scale fisheries. The term "tenure" refers to how rights to natural resources such as land, lakes, rivers, coasts, and forests are assigned within societies.


Common Worlding Pedagogies: Opening Up to Learning with Worlds

Dr. Anthony Charles' paper explores key considerations relating to recognizing, reinforcing, and developing tenure systems in small-scale fisheries (SSF) and creating the right conditions for flourishing tenure systems that are both secure and fair, respecting the human rights of SSF community members. 

Blue Growth and Blue Justice

Lead author Nathan Bennett's working paper reviews past evidence of the social injustices resulting from ocean-based development. Society's current focus on the "Blue Economy" overall results in an uneven distribution of benefits and substantial social harm for small-scale fishing communities.

Tourism, Land Grabs and Displacement

Although the tourism sector is often presented as a positive movement that brings people across cultures together and contributes to local livelihoods, Dr. Andreas Neef sheds light on the displacement and dispossession issues rightsholder face through 20 different case studies. 

Emergent Strategy: Organizing for Social Justice

Forte Labs provides a summary and interpretation of adriene maree brown's book, Emergent Strategy. Forte Labs founder, Tiago Forte, paraphrases in his own words and incorporates some of his experiences and learnings from the world of productivity and effectiveness. 


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