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Please follow the steps outlined below to contribute your assessment of the curriculum's effectiveness based on participants' understanding and your  experience as an educator facilitating the content. We are very grateful for your time and collaboration! 


The SSF Guidelines Curriculum follows an emergent strategy to ensure that it remains relevant and effective in addressing the common and diverse social and environmental issues facing SSF flexibly and adaptively. Your feedback helps ensure that the curriculum's content is relevant to your SSF community's needs, participants' learning styles, and development goals. We can also measure how well the curriculum supports SSF people's awareness of the SSF Guidelines and participation in monitoring and evaluating their implementation at the local level.


Before facilitating the curriculum's first Core Lesson (CL 1) with your participant group, please complete the Curriculum Completion Assessment Survey for Facilitators. We understand this might seem counterintuitive as you are only just starting the curriculum, but we promise it makes sense! This assessment form is the same one you will be asked to complete at the end of the entire curriculum. However, filling the form out at the very beginning will give you an approximate baseline from which your participants are starting that you can measure against later to see if there has been a noticeable change.


After facilitating each Core Lesson (CL), please allow time for participants to answer the CL Completion Assessment for Participants questions at the end of each CL. Click the link to download a worksheet learners can use to write their answers or if a computer is available, participants can digitally submit responses.


After participants have completed the assessment form, we ask you to complete the CL Completion Assessment Survey for Facilitators to document what went well, what could be improved, and how you built upon the curriculum’s instructions for deeper conversations and knowledge exchange. This will help evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson plan in achieving its goals (think, feel, do) and provide guidance for improvement. 


After finishing the curriculum’s final Core Lesson (CL 13) or Enrichment Activity (EA 13.2), please spend the next 20-40 minutes creating a profile of your SSF by completing Too BIG To IGNORE’s 20 Questions about Small-Scale Fisheries, inputting data collected that supports monitoring and evaluating the SSF Guidelines implementation in your area.


Allow time at the end for participants to answer the Curriculum Completion Assessment for Participants form. You can download the form and print for students to fill out by hand. In this case, we ask you to upload their answers as images or transcribe their handwritten answers. We appreciate your time and support. Insights shared enable us to build upon and improve this curriculum for future editions. Alternatively, learners can submit their answers online, if feasible


We now ask you once again to fill in the Curriculum Completion Assessment Survey for Facilitators.  This survey is designed to evaluate the overall relevancy and effectiveness of the curriculum by measuring and comparing youth awareness of the SSF Guidelines and their involvement, engagement, and retention in their SSF community over time. Reference the answers you submitted in the Core Lessons' individual assessments for more informative responses. Please also refer to the answers from the first time you completed the assessment (before facilitating CL 1), where you established the baseline for measuring change. The assessment form is accompanied by a set of instructions on how to read the results, as well as recommendations for the next steps.
Please note that the last question in the survey is optional and allows you to reflect on your experience facilitating this curriculum. You might share your approach or methods, any kind sort of limitations or adaptions you made to lesson plans or enrichment activities, and also, insights or any other information you would like to mention or contribute, especially as it helps us improve the curriculum's content and delivery for future editions!


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